Testimonials from Grateful Clients

Basement Stairs

By the way, my son in law sez “your basement stairs are a work of art!” 

Screen Door Install

Thanks so much, Geoff!

Storefront Display Shelf

That is just perfect for our needs!  It's perfect!  Thanks Lucy and Geoff!!

Interior Trim and Finish

All were impressed with your workmanship...  Your workmanship shines and I am grateful

Interior Trim, Door Repair, For Replacement, Sill Replacement

You're the best!

Emergency Door Repair at St Peter's

It's great!

Especially Nice Thanks from Jack and Tina

Whole-house Interior Wall Renovation

I wanted to get back to you to let you know that we appreciate all the work that you have done for us at ...  We think you have done a fine job and it is clear that you take great care and pride in your work.

We will definitely be in touch should we decide to go ahead with any other projects in the future. 

More Testimonial McNuggets


Geoff  --- super effort --- showed [wife] the photos --- impressive!  

Coordinating Sub-Contractors

Thanks again,  Geoff

Helping a Seller Prep to Close a House

Thanks again, I don't know how we would be able to get through this without you.

New Whiteboard in an Office

The whiteboard looks fantastic!!!


Thank you very much for your efforts and information, Geoff.

Banisters and Handrails

Thank you again, and I will definitely be in touch when it's time for the deck(s).