These Questions Are Very Frequently Asked


Who we are

We are veteran owned and operated.


We are dedicated to ensuring that houses remain usable, enjoyable, and 

happy – regardless of condition or circumstance.


We are dedicated to the end-result, which may mean locating a 

specialist for you.  We won't take on a job that would be better 

accomplished by someone else.

What we do

No job too small. We mean it.

We build, repair, renovate, rehabilitate, and rejuvenate. Mostly old houses, but sometimes we have to build new ones.

We have worked on historic houses, restaurants, a monastery, stores, a bakery, a commune, a brewery, two libraries, an assisted living center, commercial properties, a taproom, camps, apartments, churches, a museum, stores, rentals, sailboats, garages, a cold room, and one doublewide.

We have built - from the ground up - houses, additions, trellises, greenhouses, and a restaurant.  We have built one restaurant and one complete house with one cohort. We have built one house without assistance.

In the old days we could do electrical work and plumbing but now we leave it to licensed professionals. We don't do rooves anymore either but we can be talked into roof repairs.

Otherwise, we paint, plaster, drywall, side, weatherproof, build, repair, frame, demo, level, side/reside, insulate, re-insulate, lay flooring, trim, finish, and clean up when we're done.

We add, replace, and remove windows and doors, replace rotted structural components, and level houses.

A particular speciality is old work plaster and plaster repair.

We've been caretaking for a few people the last few years.  Along the way we have done light hauling, mowing, raking, snow removal, tenant removal, ditch-digging, land clearing, wood-splitting, etc.  We prefer carpentry but are always willing to help our clients.

We are particularly fond of design-and-build and comprehensive historic rehabilitation.

The styles we prefer tend towards Colonial, Swedish Traditional, Swedish Modern, and Arts and Crafts.  

In the pipeline are a couple tiny houses, a garage, an addition, and a 

handful of garage doors.

Where we do it.

Mostly Midcoast Maine but as far afield as Greenville and Brunswick, and frequently in Bangor and Bucksport. 

Why we do it

Originally, we got into this kind of work due to a belief that home 

ownership need not be prohibitively expensive.  


We enjoy problem solving.  We really enjoy complex and continually 

unfolding narratives (ie, design and build or comprehensive 

rehabilitation).  We enjoy repairing things so they can continue to be 

used.  We enjoy the enormous spread of knowledge, wisdom, and skills 

(and tools) that is tested and expanded on every task.


After almost ten years in combat we’re not completely comfortable 

working with other people, but we're working on it.  


We also like that each day is completely different from the last.