Snow Removal



When we were young we loved snow.  Snow days, snow forts, snowball fights, snow angels, sledding, skiing.  Now that we're older few of us still enjoy it.  Snow means bring trapped inside, slush, hazardous driving, and being cold.  

Getting Out Anyway


Some of us still want to enjoy it.

Here at GBC Global Heavy Industries we opt to shovel snow ourselves.  It's a chance to get out in the stillness, or the blizzard, sometimes the rain.  

Snow Removal


We discovered that, in a Midcoast where plow trucks outnumber people 6:1, people still need snow removed.  They need their front steps cleared, they need that ridge that the county uses to close driveways in removed - basically, they need help cleaning up after the plow guy has been and gone.



In general we are mobile in any weather.  We have four wheel drive on a well balanced truck outfitted with studded Nokian Hakkapeliitta, so we get around alright.

We have shovels to match most conditions, and a pair of snowblowers.  We do not have a plow, and we've no intention of getting one.

We are quite flexible and are able to meet a number of different schedule requirements.



In our lives we've seen plow guys who come late - if at all - and seem only to do the job grudgingly.  We've also seen those who will plow several times in each snowstorm, and bill accordingly.

Our goal would be to have our clientele shoveled out at the end of the storm but to be ready to open a driveway during the storm if the need arises.  We try to   keep the apparatus bays clear, so we're out anyway.

We have one client who prefers to pay us each time it snows and one that we've never billed.  For the most part it's simplest to bill once, at the end of the season, but it's up to our customers.



We are currently responsible for snow removal at eight properties.  Most are residential but we also have a town office and associated campus and a fire department.  

Most of our clientele are at the point in life when you wouldn't want to be shoveling, and that makes it worthwhile.

One of our clients has so far paid us entirely in homemade fudge balls.

We are not/not looking for new clients but if you have a genuine need we can probably help.